Keeping Your Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof

Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersMany people wonder if Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders are really squirrel proof. Let’s take a look at the situation. Squirrels are adorable, but you’re going to need a feeder that is squirrel proof in order to feed those birds that enjoy your yard.

Squirrels can be a huge issue for some people who put out bird feeders in there back yards and in the gardens. Squirrels enjoy consuming large amounts of bird seed that is intended for birds that frequent your back yard and garden. They are also known to gnaw on and destroy those non squirrel proof bird feeders. They are seen scaring away the birds who are trying to feed. It’s very challenging to rid your yard of a squirrel once they decide that they own the bird feeder.

Many customers have found a peaceful result with squirrel proof bird feeders. These are manufactured by Duncraft, Droll Yankee at Heritage Farms Gardman. Also Wild Bill and Opus have solved the squirrel problems. There are many people who believe these are the best feeders to keep the squirrels away from your bird feeder.

These bird feeders will use a variety of ways to keep the squirrels out of trouble. They utilize springs, twirling base additions that will keep squirrels mystified.

Some bird feeders have collapsing perches so that when a squirrel sits upon it the perch collapses. Spinning perches also help as well as a wired caged feeder. There are a variety of ways that these feeders will accomplish the task of keeping the squirrels away.

A good example is one called Squirrel Buster Mini or the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus. It will work like a champ at keeping the squirrels from eating the birdseed and damaging the bird feeder. With ports for the seeds that are weighted down it helps to keep the small bird perches right where they should be on the feeder. When the bird sits upon the perch the port will open so the bird can eat. If a larger animal like a squirrel perches on it the ports close stopping the squirrel from eating.

Additionally, positioning your feeder in a good location such as 8 feet from any jumping points like a tree or a railing will help to keep the squirrels away from the feeder. Many squirrels are capable of jumping eight feet horizontally and up to six feet vertically. You may even want to invest in a baffle and place this below the feeder to give the squirrel more of a challenge. This will help to block their access.

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Weight Loss Tips For Women

Healthy Fat FoodsBecause men and women react very differently to gaining and losing weight, here are some tips for healthy weight loss that are geared specifically to women. The principal difference between the sexes is that their metabolic rates are different and women’s bodies have a predisposition to storing fat.

In this article, we are going to give you some of the very best tips for weight loss for women to make sure you are able to make the most of your program for weight loss.

The first and most important tip for women is to always drink lots of water. We might say liquids, but that might lead many people to drink sodas or other sugared juices. These you need to completely remove from your diet. It is recommended that you should drink approximately 2 liters of water every day to make sure you stay hydrated and healthy. In addition, if you’re looking for a cheap way to detox, water should always be your choice.

Our second weight loss tip is do not skip meals. If you do, you will find that your hunger sensations will increase and you will find yourself eating up to 30% more food than you actually need. It is a good idea to eat five small meals every day. You will find that this will completely take away those sensations of hunger. Include healthy fat foods in your diet.

The third tip is to always be aware of the overall nutrition in your diet. Always read the labels carefully in the grocery and when you plan to buy something to eat. Also, be aware of your portion sizes. This is tedious, I know, but it is very important.

The fourth weight loss tip, especially for women, is to not be too rigid when following your plan for weight loss. It’s important to allow yourself a “favorite treat,” one that you just don’t want to give up. If you indulge yourself every so often it will help reduce the stress to your emotions that weight loss plans can cause. Just be aware that you can’t eat too much or do this too often.

The fifth tip is to maintain a regular program of exercise. You are advised to do 30 to 60 minutes of daily training in order to ensure good health. Also, to increase the burning of fat, it is recommended that you include exercises that are weight bearing at least twice a week.

Sixth, don’t follow a crash diet. It might be very tempting to lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time, but if you follow this type of diet you won’t have good results over the long run and it will place a lot of stress on your body. That’s because these diets work by cutting calories massively to lose the weight. However, doing this will slow your metabolism and this will actually decrease the amount of fat you burn. Also, a crash diet does not include adequate nutrition and you will soon have deficiencies which will be detrimental to your health.

The seventh tip for women’s weight loss is to make sure you get enough sleep. When you are tired, you won’t be as careful about what you eat when you are feeling hungry and will overeat. This, in turn, will cause your body to store more fat.

The eighth tip is don’t ever punish yourself. You need to take a day off at least once a week where you can allow yourself to indulge. Just don’t overeat your favorites or be too inactive. If you don’t like your workout program and your diet and find you can’t wait for your day off, you need to completely rethink what you are eating so it will be more effective for you.

Knowing What Every Man Looks For In a Woman

To make it as just the ONE in a man’s book requires more than just love. He needs to feel some things alive and kicking within him; certain triggers that he anticipates that only you will be able trigger especially if he is to view you as his girlfriend as a long-term life partner.

Men are quick at making their decision on whether they will take things to the next step and figure out more about you than just what they see. Most women have the wrong assumption that men are into just looks. Yes, this will get any man noticing a woman, but there will be nothing more to it than just that, he seeks something different in a woman he desires to know more about.

How will you make him see you differently? How will you make him want to make you his better half?

The secret to girl gets mr right lies in maintaining a balance in the relationship. It is about letting him know you actually love him and that you have high expectations for him. Show him he should have something worth living up to that makes him a better man.

Men are more into action than just words. Fact is you should not just talk your way into a lasting relationship. You should avoid all the emotional drama, keep it within you, and strive to show your adventurous side if you want to land a great boyfriend. Showing a man you are a fun type of girl will surely make him fall in love with you.

Remember to exercise an apt emotional disciple. Making small issues into a huge fuss that he should be responsible to solve will push him way. Men cannot stomach drama queen. So keep those endless emotional episodes away from your man.

Show him that you can be independent, able to handle your issues. Men will not easily settle for a woman who looks like she will become a burden that drags him down in future. Show him that you have your own life and that he is not entirely responsible for your life or happiness.

Focus on love is a good call, but you also need to find out and give him what he needs lest he walks away from you. Do not flood him with your emotional issues especially if the man is just starting to know more about you.

A bit of challenge and playfulness is a perfect recipe that keeps your man from heartbreaks.

Are Your Weight Loss Efforts Affected By Stress

There is a mountain of research that suggests that stress is a factor that impacts our gaining weight. There are quite a few external factors that have an effect on how we deal with stress, and there are also responses of a biological nature in our bodies that are problematic.

Weight gain has been associated with cortisol, which is a stress related hormone, which has an effect on the gain of abdominal fat. When we are under stress, a high amount of cortisol is released into our blood stream. The stress receptors for cortisol are located in the abdomen, so the most fat accumulates there.

Even worse, a higher waist to hip ration has been linked to higher levels of cortisol under stress. For those of us who tend to put on pounds anyway, that amounts to a double whammy. As opposed to some of our friends who are a bit leaner, we automatically start to trigger more fat in the abdomen when we are under stress.

Cortisol slows metabolism down, so when we are under stress our slower metabolism does not burn as many calories as when we are in our calmer moods. This will result in more weight gain even when we are consuming a lower amount of calories. Ironically, people tend to eat more when they are stressed, so that impacts us in a double way again.

So obviously, what can be done to avoid having cortisol create a problem with our efforts to lose weight? We need to learn how to proactively manage our stress levels! We must not wait and let it catch up with us.

The following lists some ideas:

Raise Your Awareness: Gain Knowledge Of Your Stress Triggers And Reactions.

Get very active in your workouts. Take regular exercise to control your cortisol. This can also help to control any depression that is trying to creep in too. Try some guided relaxation techniques such as yoga and guided meditations.

Be sure to get enough rest: During the time that you are sleeping, your body rejuvenates itself which will help you to cope with stress more effectively.

While it is important for you to manage your stress and cortisol levels, the use of medication is not a preferred or recommended first option. You should try one of the suggested methods here first.

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Medication Free Panic Attack Control

All over the world people suffer from panic attacks. Many of them aren’t aware of effective methods of handling them. Prescription medications are readily available to assist people with their panic attacks, however, there are many other great solutions as well. If you wish to learn more on how to control panic attacks without medication, continue reading and we’ll tell you.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to understand is that your body reacts to fear and it’s doing what it’s doing as a result of this fear. You’re short of breath and have a racing heart and this is a normal response to fear. When you feel one coming on, you need to relax and talk yourself through it. While this may seem challenging, it is important to learn as you can then talk you way through it and get the feelings out of the way more quickly. You’ll recover sooner and your body will realize there is nothing to be afraid of.

Many people suffer from these attacks. It’s obvious that you’re not alone. Many times shame and loneliness are associated with your attacks and they can become almost debilitating. There are others suffering just like you with these same symptoms. They may not have any idea how to cope either and they are also seeking answers.

There are many support groups that give helpful and insightful information about these attacks. These groups are ideal to share your feelings and lean on others for support. Members can learn to converge and help each other in finding coping techniques that will help to avoid these attacks. If you can’t find a support group, consider online forums that also provide this much needed service. These can help as well.

Talk to friends and family about your attacks. While they may not understand it, or be able to relate to your experience, they may be able to offer you support. Like we stated earlier, many feel that they are all alone during an attack. Teaching others to be aware can be a great help. Finding friends and family to lean on during an attack is an ideal way to get through them. Try to help your friends understand before an attack happens so that they are prepared and know what is going on.

It’s also important to get plenty of rest every night. Stress can affect you in so many ways. If you’re not resting well, you’re carrying a lot of stress. This will increase your anxiety. It’s also a good idea to make sure that that rest is at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. Set this as your goal and you may well see fewer panic attacks in your future. It’s really amazing what a good nights sleep can do for panic and anxiety attacks.

We hope this article has helped you to understand panic attacks more and how to stop them before they get out of hand.

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Storage Sheds Can Look Good While They Remain Durable

Whenever you undertake any storage shed project it makes sense to decide what you want and then come up with do it yourself storage shed plans to execute. When you make a detailed plan, it makes it much easier to monitor the progress of work. Building the roof of a shed is similar to building other roofs, and it is necessary that you consider the load that will be imposed on it. If you live in an area that has a lot of snowfall, you need to brace your roof, for the load the snow will dump on it. This way you can be sure that the roof will not cause problems and will give you years of service.

Every area has to follow certain building codes, and it is essential that any shed roof that you plan follow the provisions in the codes. If you do not do so, you may find that you have spent money, effort and time for something that cannot be approved.

Once you have this approval, you can then start the installation of your prefabricated shed roof or start building the roof trusses. After the trusses are ready, you will need to mark the locations on the top of the wall, so that you get the spacing right, where you will nail in these trusses. This ensures that everything is correctly aligned. You will require some assistance to hold the trusses, while you nail them in position.

Shed roofs normally use plywood as roof decking, which is 5/8 inch thick, and it is this decking that holds the trusses together. Once you have finished nailing the plywood to the trusses, you will then need to give the decking protection from the weather by covering it with asphalt shingles or tar paper. Be sure you have help while you do this, and that you are stable while you stand on the decking. This will ensure that you are not affected by strong wind, and lessen the chances of dropping a shingle and causing accidents.

When the area you live in has very high incidences of snowfall and snow storms, you will be well advised to make sure that the roof has a steep pitch, as this will make sure that the snow slides off. Any accumulation of snow on a roof can be detrimental to the strongest of roof structures.

A roof will stand the test of time, if the wood you choose is the right one. Wood that is dry and well seasoned, will not be damaged by rain and will not snap or break easily.

All the roofing materials that you use for your shed roof must be of the best quality so that they can stand the harshest of weather. Some materials like shingles come with 20 year warranties and you must take advantage of any warranties for materials. The roof is the most critical element for any structure and must be capable of giving the right protection from winds, rain and snow, while resisting the weight imposed on it. It can be an additional bonus if the roof also looks good.

Sheds that look like awesome, will provide the required protection, but may have guests and neighbors commenting on them. Any shed and its roof must complement the home, and this can be achieved if the shed and its roof has the right design and color scheme that allows it to match your home and garden.

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Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

When you are surfing the internet, you may frequently run into Largo websites that are not very attractive. Usually when this happens, you end up leaving these website and looking for better ones. However, what do we mean exactly when we say better? We are referring to websites that are easy to navigate and contain quality content. Complicated website navigation leads to annoyance, reduced efficiency, waste of time and can even result in losing prospective customers.

In this article, we will discuss some of the big mistakes you need to avoid when creating your website. Although good web design actually isn’t hard to do, many website owners do not achieve this. It is very important that your website has a user-friendly design. You want to make sure that first time visitors will want to come back to your website again.

A poorly designed website will not keep the interest of visitors. That is why it is so important to be familiar with all the important elements that go into having a quality Largo website design. You need to know how to achieve this before you even start to design your website.

Here are a few of the main mistakes you need to avoid when designing your website.

Offering Poorly Designed Navigation

This is a major mistake that needs to be avoided when designing your website. Having poor navigation on your website can be very damaging, particularly if the site is flash-oriented. Having flash-oriented navigation can hinder your website from getting a good search listing since search engines rely on textual content for their listings.

Also, it is very important not to have a navigation in a poor location. This can lead to your visitors being very frustrated. Any web designer will tell you that websites need to be very clear and explain themselves well. When you look at any web page, it should be to the point and self-explanatory.

Having Outdated Content

Given all the advances in technology and increasing popularity of the internet, websites can no longer afford to have outdated content on them. Visitors will be disappointed if they run across information that is old and outdated since it implies that the website owner doesn’t really care about his customers.

When you don’t update the content on your website on a regular basis, you are sending prospective customers the wrong message. You can’t expect visitors to take time to read your content if it isn’t even current. Also, it is very important to ensure that Google and the other search engines can access your content. Therefore, you need to regularly update the content on your website.

Adverts Pop-Ups

Visitors usually find ad pop-ups to be very annoying. This can result in a waste of time since websites with pop-ups tend to take longer to load.

This can result in more visitors leaving your site instead of visiting it regularly. They don’t want to have music playing or ads in their face when they are browsing your website.

These disturbances also reduce your readers’ focus. They usually end up just looking for other websites to visit. Popup ads are also usually associated with spam. They don’t tend to create the type of reputation associated with professional websites. Also, ads that are fixed on the page have a broad acceptance by website visitors.

Poor Website Connection And Slow Loading Times

Web designers need to keep in mind that most visitors are impatient. They tend to be motivated to save time. That is why so many visitors seem to jump from one site to the next looking for information.

If you keep your visitors waiting for pages to load due to having a lot of ads and photos, you will end up driving many of them away. Having a slow loading site that contains a lot of large graphics, or just having a poor connection due to broken links, gives the impression that you don’t want your visitors to come back to your site for another visit.

Errors And Having Small Text

Having typos and other kinds of errors on your site can reduce your credibility. Also, poor font choices and small type can make it hard for your visitors to actually read what is on your website. When you correct these mistakes, visitors will then be left with the impression that your website is professional and credible.

Whenever you hire a designer for your website, make sure these major mistakes are avoided so that you don’t lose sales or visitors. Also, have several different users assess your website design. It is important to get feedback before activating your website to the general public.

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Facts About Aquaponics Fish

What kinds of fish can be raised using an aquaponics system?

With aquaponics, any type of fresh water fish can be grown that you find appealing.  One thing you need to consider is you need to ensure that whatever environment the aquaponics fish likes the best is one that can be provided by your aquaponics system.  For example, trout prefer water temperatures that are below 60 degrees.  So you need to know whether or not the environment can provide this on a consistent basis.  Another thing you need to be sure about is when mixing fish species they need to have similar living requirements.  So you need to find out if all of them have the same oxygen needs, eat the same types of food and like a similar water temperature.

Do not mix herbivore fish with carnivorous fish.  If you do, the herbivores will just end up being eaten up by the carnivores and you will have wasted your money.  In our experience tilapia, along with other cichlids like koi, goldfish, pacu and oscars co-exist in an aquaponics system very well together.

How many fish is it possible to grow using an aquaponics system?

One rule of thumb that you can follow is to stock approximately one pound of aquaponics fish for every 5 to 10 gallons worth of water.  So for every 10 gallons worth of water, you can have 1 or 2 fish.  Don’t ever stock over 1 pound of fish per three gallons worth of water.

Do aquaponic systems smell?

No, they don’t have any odor.

How much should my aquaponics fish be fed?

If your system is being cycled with fish, during the first 1 to 2 months, feeding needs to be absolutely minimal.  Just feed fish what they can eat in 5 minutes, or 1 tablespoon maximum for every 20 fish a day.  If the aquaponics fish don’t appear to be hungry, simply do not give them food.  Fish are able to survive for weeks without eating.  For a few weeks, the water might possibly go green.  Don’t worry about it.

After the water is clear in the aquaponics system, you can increase the feeding levels gradually.  Be sure to pay attention to the amount of food the fish are eating in 5 minutes.  The fish can also start to be fed two to three times per day.  Mature tilapia, as a guideline, usually eat around 1 percent of their body weight of food per day.  Fingerlings eat up to 7 percent body weight.

What kind of food should I give to my aquaponics fish?

Make feeding the fish in the aquaponics system something enjoyable to do.

What you feed them depends on kind of fish they are.  For example, carnivorous (bass, perch, trout) need to be fed food that is high in protein (45 to 50%).  On the other hand, omnivorous fish (catfish, koi, bluegill, tilapia) can eat a feed that is lower in protein (32% protein).  More protein is required by younger fish than older fish that have matured.

We recommend that your fish should be fed a professionally formulated feed.  That will help to ensure that the aquaponics fish you are caring for receive a diet that is optimal for their health.  The fish waste also will provide the plants with a balanced diet.

Is organic fish feed available?

Yes there is you can find organic fish food on Amazon.

Where can I get fish to put into my aquaponics system?

You can find them at most aquarium and pet stores.  Most fresh water aquarium fish found in pets stores will work well in an aquaponics system and make good aquaponics fish.  Pay close attention to what temperature range fish thrive in as well as whether they are going to be compatible with other fish that you already have in your tank.  For example, you don’t want them to get eaten.

If you have a small system, you may only need to visit a local pet store to stock your tank.  Pet store fish that you can grow in aquaponics systems include guppies, pacu, oscars, koi and goldfish.  However, feeder goldfish should be avoided since they are prone to getting diseases.

An increasing number of fish hatcheries will sell small numbers of fish to aquaponic growers in the area.  If there happens to be a hatchery close by that will sell fish to you, this can be a good option of you are planning to grow fish that you can eat.

What do I need to do to ensure my fish are healthy?

Feeding your aquaponics fish a very high quality organic feed is the best thing that can be done to keep the fish healthy.  You also want to ensure that the environment is as free of stress as possible.  There main types of stress can affect the health of your fish: biological, chemical and physical.

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Letting Your Son Choose His Own Hairstyle

Toddler First Hair CutThere are a lot of parents out there who have simply blocked the idea of their having their own style out of their minds. When it comes to things like the way that they dress or the way that they would like to do their hair, there is always a bit of worry that they will choose to express themselves in a way that you would not expect or even condone. However, when it comes to a time where you should let your child, specifically your son, have a say in what their hair will look like when it comes to the next trip to Pete’s Largo barbers shop.

Recently, it came time for my son to have to go into the barber shop for his regular hair cut before returning to school for the upcoming year. Sitting in the barber shop, it was easy to reflect on just how much my little guy had grown and I remember all to well the very first time we had him in that same barber shop for his very first hair cut.

Needless to say, it was an adventure that I will not soon forget, especially because of all of his squirming and complaining that he had to have his hair touched even a little bit. Now, all I have to do is mention a hair cut and he is ready and willing to make his way to the barber’s with me for his new style. Now, however, there has been a little bit of a change to our normal routine of going in for the back to school hair cut.

Instead of going with the normal hair cut or letting me simply tell the barber what we wanted done differently, my son looked at a few of the framed pictures that were on the wall and quickly choose a different cut that he wanted to get.

Mind you, this was not a hair cut that you may see on a little guy like my son. It was more of a mature hair cut for someone a bit older. However, looking at the expression on my son’s face, I felt instantly that it was going to be quite a bit harder to fight my instinct to say no. Even though I wanted to try and talk him out of it, I knew with all of my heart that it was the right time to let him make a decision on his hair and appearance.

When I told him that he could get the hair cut of his choice, I felt overwhelmed with joy at the happiness I could see in his little face. I sat back and watched as he got the big boy cut that he really wanted and I started to think and wonder if I should have been encouraging him prior to this to make some of his own decisions.

At what age should we normally start to teach these valuable decision making skills. Is age 4 appropriate or is it better wait until at least 6 or 7? I may not have the answer for other parents, but I can tell you that it felt right at that moment in time to let him choose the hair cut that he really wanted. Upon arriving home, I had a very happy little boy who could not wait to run into the bathroom and admire his new look in the mirror.

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Using a Gold Backed IRA to Safeguard Your Retirement

Millions of baby boomers are approaching their retirement years. As a result, it is important for many of them to ensure that their assets are safe and secure from any financial shocks that might hit in their nest eggs. This is particularly a troubling time to retire as most asset classes including stocks and bonds have had significant run ups in value the last two decades. One option that many should consider to protect their retirement in the current economic environment is the use of a Gold IRA. Gain information about gold iras at

Read to the very end to learn why investing in a gold IRA is so important.

One of the reasons that most asset prices are up the last few decades is that all prices are typically quoted in U.S. dollars. I would make the argument that devaluation of the dollar through monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve is responsible for some of this increase. This has lead to artificially higher prices for everything.

The other very important component for the current prices are artificially low interest rates. Since the early 1980s and Volcker’s war on inflation, interest rates have steadily declined to close to zero on a short term basis in the US. All financial assets are priced based on summing the present value of future cash flows. As interest rates decline, the math is such that these present values go up dramatically, particularly as payments are discounted further and further into the future.

One significant problem is that interest rates cannot remain close to zero forever. You have three big problems with this. First of all, in order to keep rates so low, money must become artificially cheap creating a glut of dollars in the money supply which create inflationary pressures. The second problem is that the lower rates lead to poor investments that would have never gotten funding due to poor expected returns if the rates were normal. This decreases an economy’s overall productivity. Finally, and most importantly, low interest rates encourage rampant speculation as people are desperate to get a decent return on their money. One has to look no further than the real estate and credit default swap debacle from 2007-2008 to see the disastrous consequences of rates that are too low for too long.

Eventually, these conditions will produce another financial collapse. It is only a matter of when and under what circumstances. The question is only what asset class if safest when interest rates and monetary policy normalize. Much of this depends on exactly how the government reacts to a problem.

Given recent history, it is fair to assume that central banks will continue to print more money to prevent a collapse if possible. However, if they do print much more money, they are only going to make the problem ultimately worse and devalue their currencies even further. As some point in every intervention there is a point at which the free market long term interest rates diverge from the short term rates as bond markets panic due to fears of inflationary monetary policy.

In this scenario, fixed income investments such as bonds fare the worst. The increasing inflation and market interest rates absolutely destroy the future values of the securities. This is particularly the case when interest rates are close to zero and maturities are long-term as the declines in value are very non-linear. Unfortunately these are the types of assets most seniors are put in.

For stocks, profits tend to hold up during periods of hyperinflation as they can raise prices to compensate. Thus they are usually seen as a hedge against inflation. However, they will also suffer declines in value through multiple contraction as the present value of their future profits fall dramatically. Again, this effect is magnified with interest rates being unusually close to zero. As a result, the real value of stocks could actually fall quite markedly.

Investments that should do well under such a scenario are tangible assets with no future value affected by interest rates. One such as asset is gold, often seen as the quintessential monetary asset, which often performs the best during times of runaway inflation. For this reason, any retiree should seriously consider diversifying into gold to preserve the wealthy he or she has built up through the years.

This can be done easily through a Gold IRA. These structures are set up as valid retirement accounts in compliance with the tax code. As a result, you do not to worry about taking money out of your existing IRA to buy gold and paying a hefty penalty. You can simply shift money from your current IRA into a gold IRA. In these trying economic times, this could me one of the most important things you can do to preserve your wealth.

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